Tuesday December 05, 2023

Try this new TikTok tool to save songs directly on Spotify beating Google lyrics search

'Add to Music App' is the new tool, which TikTok revealed this week to save songs directly on Spotify

By Web Desk
November 15, 2023
A collage of American singers. — X/@nathanarizona
A collage of American singers. — X/@nathanarizona

Numerous songs, such as "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X and "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion, went viral because of TikTok but it hasn't exactly been easy to track down their titles; however, a useful new tool finally allows you to bid adieu to the days of feverishly searching for lyrics on Google.

With the help of this programme, you may avoid searching for those catchy songs by saving them straight to your Spotify account from TikTok videos.

Here's how you can give the new tool a try.

"Add to Music App" is the new tool, which TikTok revealed this week.

It lets you instantly save songs from TikTok to your preferred music streaming service, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, as the name implies.

"TikTok is already the world's most powerful platform for music discovery and promotion, which helps artists connect with our global community to drive engagement with their music," said Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music Business Development at TikTok.

"Add to Music App takes this process a step further, creating a direct link between discovery on TikTok and consumption on a music streaming service."

To take advantage of the new function, just open the TikTok app and navigate until you find a video that you want to download the music from.

At the bottom of the video, next to the track data, there should now be a new "Add Song" option.

When you tap this, a popup will appear asking you to select your favourite music streaming provider.

Choose between Spotify and Amazon Music, then indicate if you want to add the song to the default, newly created, or already-existing playlist.

Sten Garmark, Vice President, Global Head of Consumer Experience at Spotify, added: "No matter where you are, or the moment you're in, we want to create less work to get to the audio you love."

"That means being everywhere our users are and creating seamless ways to save songs to Spotify to enjoy when and how they choose to listen."

The new tool is now accessible in the US and the UK, with a wider release on the horizon.