Tuesday November 28, 2023

David Beckham spotted filming in Pie and Mash shop amidst upcoming Netflix documentary release

David Beckham's BTS footage emerges from upcoming Netflix Doc, including visit to Pie and Mash shop

By Web Desk
September 20, 2023

David Beckham was seen filming at a traditional pie and mash shop in Covent Garden on Tuesday, coinciding with the release of the trailer for his Netflix documentary. 

Despite having experienced fine dining around the world, Beckham has never hidden his affection for the classic British meal.

During his recent filming excursion, the 48-year-old sports legend looked sharp in a brown button-up jacket, a white T-shirt, and tailored black trousers.

He sported a buzz cut and beard, a departure from his ever-evolving hairstyles over the years. Completing his smart-casual attire were flat green trainers, and his iconic neck tattoos were prominently on display.

This public appearance coincides with Netflix's sneak peek into his upcoming four-part documentary series titled Beckham.

The documentary is set to trace his journey from humble beginnings in east London to becoming a global football sensation.

In a teaser clip released by Netflix, Beckham's mother, Sandra, aged 74, candidly shared her initial concerns about her son's romance with Victoria Beckham. 

She confessed her worries about him potentially losing his focus on his Manchester United career when Victoria, a member of the Spice Girls and part of the UK's biggest girl group at the time, entered the picture.

Sandra expressed, "We were worried he would lose everything he worked for because football had always come first, and then all of a sudden it wasn't."