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Katy Perry returns to social media amidst controversy surrounding ex-husband Russell Brand

Katy Perry speaks out on social media after ex Russell Brand faces serious allegations

By Web Desk
September 20, 2023
Katy Perry breaks her silence: Addresses Russell Brands legal troubles in new post.
Katy Perry breaks her silence: Addresses Russell Brand's legal troubles in new post.

Katy Perry has finally broken her silence and made her first public statement since the disturbing accusations of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse were leveled against her ex-husband, Russell Brand. 

These allegations, spanning from 2006 to 2013, have rocked the entertainment world.

While Perry had chosen to remain tight-lipped about the allegations surrounding Brand, she resurfaced on Instagram on Tuesday. 

Her post, however, carefully steered clear of addressing the accusations against her ex-husband. Instead, Perry showcased her new line of cowboy boots, even sharing a playful picture of herself posing on a scooter. 

The caption for the post simply read, 'Scootin n bootin'. 

It appears that Perry has opted to maintain a dignified silence regarding the matter, despite hinting previously that she knew 'the truth' about Brand.

The pop star, who was once married to Brand for a brief 14-month period, had previously hinted at possessing some undisclosed knowledge about him, cryptically mentioning during a 2013 Vogue interview that she would safeguard "his truth" in her safe for a future occasion.

This marked Katy Perry's initial public sighting in the midst of the explosive allegations that have recently come to light regarding Russell Brand. 

Up until this point, Perry had chosen to maintain her silence on the matter, raising questions about the extent of her awareness, especially in light of the resurfacing 2013 Vogue interview.