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King Charles set for major blow ahead of Princess Diana's leaked tapes

King Charles would be inviting unseemly headache after Princess Diana's documentary release next year

By Web Desk
September 16, 2023

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King Charles is set for yet another blow ahead of release of new documentary based on the late Princess Diana’s recordings.

Diana: The Rest of Her Story is set to be released at the beginning of next year, which will feature the recordings she created with biographer Andrew Morton during her final years.

In one of the voice memos, the late Princess of Wales detailed Charles’ disappointment following the birth of their youngest son, Prince Harry, as he had expected it to be a girl.

“And Mommy snapped his head off and said, ‘You should realize how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal,'" alleged Diana in the explosive audio.

Speaking to Ok! Magazine, an insider branded the prospective release of the documentary “yet another unseemly headache” the current monarch “can do without.”

“He knows it paints him in a bad light,” they explained.

“Diana wanted to get her side of the story out there at the time,” noted the source. “She was sick and tired of being controlled by the monarchy and felt the need to speak up.”

Moreover, they insisted the recordings will do more harm than good in staging a reconciliation between Prince Harry and rest of the Royal Family.

“It’s another kick in the gut, knowing he was ultimately a disappointment to his own father from birth,” explained the insider. “It’s certainly not helping toward a long-term reconciliation.”

“But at least at the time it was cathartic for Diana to have her uncensored say on things,” they added.