Wednesday March 22, 2023

King Charles ‘petty’ for kicking Prince Harry out: ‘Enjoyed Duchy of Cornwall his entire life’

King Charles had no repercussions, ‘enjoyed the run of the Duchy of Cornwall his adult life’ but chose to evict Harry

By Web Desk
March 04, 2023

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King Charles is standing accused of being a hypocrite towards Prince Harry even though he “enjoyed the run of the Duchy of Cornwall his adult life” without repercussions.

These claims have been brought to light by journalist Kerry Parnell, in her most recent piece.

Her piece was shared to the Daily Telegraph and features an admission by Ms Parnell where she started by clarifying, that while, “Charles has long been open about his desire to slim down the monarchy, ending the practise of wider family members living in grace and favour homes. Nobody would disagree with that.”

“But, then, a part of me thinks this battle over Frogmore is – whispers – a little petty.”

“After all, it’s not as though Charles doesn’t have a gazillion properties to dish out,” Ms Parnell pointed out.

This also comes considering considering “Charles has enjoyed the run of the Duchy of Cornwall his adult life, until recently passing it on to Prince William.”

“He also privately owns Birkhall, on the Balmoral Estate. That’s before you get to all the other royal residences – Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Clarence House, the various homes at Kensington Palace, as well as the privately-owned Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House.”

“As well as the main residences, there are hundreds of properties on the various royal estates, which are rented out to staff and family members, as well as lots of holiday cottages run by the Duchy of Cornwall. They’re not exactly short of room(s).”