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Prince William to write ‘his own version of events’ after Prince Harry memoir?

Prince William may reveal 'his own version of events', predicted an astrologer

By Web Desk
December 31, 2022


Royal fans might get to read another book after Prince Harry’s memoir, as an astrologer predicted that Prince William may reveal “his own version of events.”

During his conversation with Express, astrologer Gahl Eden Sasson made predictions about the Royal Family in the new year.

Gahl foresaw “success “ on Prince Harry’s side who will be releasing his long-awaited memoir.

"His chart is moving into the house of money, talent, and self-worth. It's also going to move into his house of community, marketing, and sales starting around February - a very good time for his book release,” the astrologer shared.

Moreover, Gahl predicted that Harry's book "is not going to be too difficult for him (William) to digest" and the two brothers could still put their differences aside in 2023.

However, the outlet reported that the expert predicted that “the Prince of Wales may begin writing his own book, following the release of his younger brother's, ‘to give his own version of events’.”