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Netflix series 'Dahmer – Monster': Jeffrey's dad talks on son's dark side

Netflix 'Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' Lionel Dahmer shared details about son Jeffrey

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November 17, 2022
Netflix series Dahmer – Monster: Jeffreys dad talks on sons dark side
Netflix series 'Dahmer – Monster': Jeffrey's dad talks on son's dark side  

Netflix series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer was released on the streaming giant on September 21, and the show has still not exited from the minds of people who watched it. 

In a recent appearance on Dr. Phil's show Dahmer's father shared there were a few instances to put an end to son's killing spree, while shedding light on horrifying details.

Lionel Dahmer's interview with the TV host is based on a 3-day Dahmer special, which is being aired this week by Phil and co.

In a couple of clips obtained by TMZ, Lionel mentioned about two opportunities when he felt he should've realized something was wrong with his kid.

First, Lionel shared about the days when Jeffrey was still living with his grandmother in Milwaukee.

It was a period in which he'd already started to kill people, and how there was a mysterious wooden box Jeff had that Lionel suspected had pornography inside.

When he tried to open it up and look into it, he told that Jeffrey somehow bought himself a day... and then sneaked out a severed human head, which he later replaced with porno magazines.

Lionel confessed that, now he wishes he would've addressed the issue the day he wanted to open that box because if he did, he would have saved lives.

When Jeffrey's dad was asked about what could be the reason behind setting his son going down that dark path, he accepted that while going through his puberty Jeffrey was mutilating animals with him.

So apparently he got a sexual thrill by playing with their innards, this pleasure he sought from these activities with his father later resulted into something really horrific.