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Female dancer at PML-Q's cultural show raises eyebrows

- March 14, 2013 - Updated 1920 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: A sizzling performance by a female dancer at the PML Q-League’s cultural show prompted the Election Commission of Pakistan to seek a copy of the video of the program held here on Thursday.


Party chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and secretary general Mushahid Hussain Syed also attended the event.


Though the PML-Q President appreciated the performance by a female dancer, some people raised objections over it.


Reader Comments
It is our culture far batter than killers, barbarism and suicide activities are carried out by N and its allies.

Muhammad Ibrahim Khan
jasi qoom veasa leader / black glass day and night- ONLY IN PAKISTAN

Really shameful and regretful. What sort of message is given in the name of culture. Would Ch Shujaat and Mashahid Hussain allow their family members of such performance!!!

Saudi Arabia
Whats with this nation raising all that noise on a benign cultural show attended by politicians.

the only way to remove such characterless and corrupt politicians is not to give them what they want................respect,importance and your VOTE.

sad pakistani
Politics (noun) - 'Poli': latin for "many." 'Tics': blood sucking insects.

Is it ISLAMIC to hold a females dance in a mixed audiences OF MALES and FEMALES(MAY BE THEIR NEAREST AND DEAREST)?Its certainly UNISLAMIC,OBSCENE and is a part of a pre islamic culture of an atheist society.So they claim to be a party using MUSLIM word with PAK and then LEAGUE.Its down to people to decide!!!

Ahmad Shah Mashwani
United Kingdom
I think Ch. Shujaat dark glasses be checked for any features of Xray vision, he is fooling the nation and also lying about whatever wrong he did and advise in Musharraf era. He should be charged with criminal offence.

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