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Elect right candidates, Nawaz to people

- January 19, 2013 - Updated 1610 PKT - From Web Edition

HALA: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif has said that the country could be steered out of crisis only if people voted for the right candidates, Geo News reported Saturday.


Addressing a public meeting organized by the Sindh United Party (SUP), the former prime minster said that the PPP government paid no heed to the problems facing the people of Sindh and Balochistan as 550 children died of measles while Karachi and Balochistan have also been witnessing unrest.


Mr Sharif said that he was not in favour of two separate local body systems in Sindh. He asked the participants of the gathering to vote for right people so that the country could be put on right path.


He said had the government done something, the people’s situation would not have been miserable.

Reader Comments
So funny how all the people writing anti pmln are all living b in uk, usa or canada. What pmln has done for punjab is amazing inspite of all the blockades by federal government. Very easy to criticize sitting outside the country. Whatvhave you folks done for your country. Yiu get educated and leave pakistan to help another nation for your selfish interests. Bravo.

ahmad h
no mention of people dying by taking poisonous drugs in Punjab... it will not be censored

ali ahmed
Saudi Arabia
From where we will IMPORT right runners ? There is nobody right in Pakistan.If there were, what we are today would never happen to be.(agar achchhe log hote to aaj jaisa apna haal na hota)

Anwar Khan
Yes select the right candidates only in Sindh not in Punjab as PML (N) has done such great work in Punjab what a joke.

Asif Hussain
He is right, it is the responsibility of voters to elect the right candidate. The problem is that the voter does not have much choice. Most of the people that are able to stand for election are far from right candidates. It is a choice between two or more evils: and I think this is probably the reason why majority of people never go out to vote, which is really very bad. I wish ordinary, middle class, honest men and women with their limited resources would have been able to stand for election.

The sons of a LOHAR from Amritsar district pose as pious politicians. After foolish generals, rapacious Bhuttos and a cricketer in waiting, this too shall pass.

He means candidates with millions on looted Pakistani money

s chaudhury
United Kingdom
Nawaz Sharif has opened offers from back door bundles of cash in bags and who ever joins him will share it at a agreed price. The more candidates he buys, he higher the cash rewards. Other thieves are following same trends and people who are in banks would observe lot of cash withdrawals or movements in leaders' account. This is called TRUE, HONEST DEMOCRACY.

Akhtar Tayyub, Houston, TX
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