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Only judiciary, mly performing their job

January 15, 2013 - Updated 140 PKT
From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Tahirul Qadri has said that only two institutions -- military and judiciary -- are performing their job with responsibility in Pakistan, Geo News reported.


Addressing the participants of long march here Tuesday, Qadri said they wanted renewed democracy in the country and it could not be successful until there are electoral reforms.


He said he wanted democracy along with the protection of human rights and institutions. The TMQ leader said 70 percent MPs do not pay tax. "We do not want to see those who have made billions from corruption, in the parliament," he added.


"No representation without taxation," he snapped.


He said that due to the inability of the political leadership, a national policy against terrorism could not be constituted.


While delivering the conclusive address of the long march, he named it as “Islamabad declaration” and said it is the voice of the entire nation. He said that the declaration consists of seven points.


He said that these millions of people have gathered in Islamabad to raise their voices for their rights. The nation is going through tough times and facing poverty and hunger.


As Tahirul Qadri went on with his address, a breaking news of the Supreme Court's order to arrest Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf flashed on TV channels. Upon getting this news, the charged TMQ leader became even more excited and he started congratulating the thousands of participants of his long march.


He also had the people in attendance of his rally chant slogans of 'Supreme Court zindabad (long live Supreme Court)'.


It is important to mention here that the deadline issued by the TMQ leader to dissolve assemblies has expired today but none of his demands have so far been met.

Reader Comments
Until the good people of Pakistan stop being put in a trance by the call of "JAI BHUTTO!", Pakistan will never clear itself of this evil political cancer.

United Kingdom
Until the good people of Pakistan stop being put in a trance by the call of "JAI BHUTTO!", Pakistan will never clear itself of this evil political cancer.

United Kingdom
People of Pakistan should learn from history and avoid making a HERO out of anyone including Qadri or Imran or anyone else. These HEROES very quickly feel the power they never had and start becoming DICTATORS. Public accountability must be established for all civil servants. This includes Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Pervaiz Lodhie
He is stealing the emotions of deprived people of Pakistan with the help of hidden hands. Someone is trying to steal the slogans of Imran Khan and give it to Mr. Qadri. Those hidden hands are not happy with IK. But the people of Pakistan are now samrt and will not let Qadri steal everything.

Faizullah Khalil
Bravo, Islamist Scholar mesmerized Pakistani Nation with a brilliant display of linguistic and political skill often with quotes of Quran and Hadith. Supreme Court found itself on one limb with a hostile Government agencies failing to implement its decision. It took 4 years of multifarious abuse of Court process before Gilani was removed as Court lacked political backing without invoking seeking army to assist. Pakistani Nation should rejoice and thank heavens to have sent Messiah amidst them.

United Kingdom
Military has actually turned over many of its powers to the Parliament and the Supreme Court and helped bring missing balance between the 4 main institutions of Pakistan. The Supreme Court orders are being ignored by the corrupt elite. The Military has to play the role of helping implement Supreme Court orders if they are not enforceable by the weak police.

Pervaiz Lodhie
Linking-strings revealed!

these politicians are now training their children to collect royalty and licencing fees for their brand name from the nation. This should stop. Nothing has changed since 1947

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