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No genuine democracy in Pakistan: Qadri

- January 15, 2013 - Updated 1350 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Tehrik e Minhajul Quran leader Dr Tahirul Qadri, while delivering the conclusive address of the long march, said that due to the inability of the political leadership, a national policy against terrorism could not be constituted, Geo News reported.


Dr Tahirul Qadri, after reaching at the D-Chowk, opened his speech by reciting the holy verses and thanked the Almighty Allah and then the participants of the long march.


While delivering the conclusive address of the long march, he named it as “ Islamabad declaration” and said it is the voice of the entire nation. He said that the declaration consists of seven points.


He said that his proposed ‘Democratic and Electoral Reforms’ has seven points and the last point is the dissolution of assemblies that he will explain towards the end of his speech.


During his address, he said that the long march is a peaceful, legal and according to the constitution event, and that the participants do not want to create chaos, instead they want to end the restlessness in the country. He claimed that the marchers could take over the Presidency right now if they want.


He said that these millions of people have gathered in Islamabad to raise their voices for their rights. The nation is going through tough times and facing poverty and hunger.


The TMQ leader said that they do not want to derail the democracy and the marchers will not avenge the fake government. People want to implement real democracy and that is why they have gathered here today.


He alleged that there are two parallel systems functioning in the country; judiciary and Army. He said that they want peace and security within and outside the borders and want to propagate the same message to other countries. “ We want a peaceful, mild and democratic country’” he said.


Last night, in a short address to the participants of long march, Qadri asked the government to dissolve the national and provincial assemblies voluntarily by 11:00 AM today or else people would start taking decisions of their own.


The deadline has expired today but none of his demands has so far been accepted.

Reader Comments
I have no respect for this Mawalana from Canada -- who wants to dissolve the parliament and provincial assemblies within 6 hours because he wants it -- and calls it 'democracy'. Now who has heard such an outlandish demand from a guy who claimed 4 million followers but ended up with a puny 25 thousand. This man is either mentally disturbed -- or smoking some exotic Canadian weed.

Seems My Qadri does not know that there is no genuine democracy in any country.

I have great respect for this Man and salute for such a brave move, I hope this revolution will bring lot of change in people's life and bring peace and stability to our region, Lets not forget the fact that these Political leaders are the one amongst us , Recently, India Against Corruption (IAC) has made peaceful demonstrations happened in India too, which means we both neighbours have simillar issues May god bless all,

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