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Ten killed in Karachi violence

- December 03, 2012 - Updated 1223 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: A seminary administrator was among ten people killed on Monday as violence continues to plague the metropolis.


According to police, attackers sprayed bullets on the car of Maulana Mohammad Ismail at Abul Hassan Isfahani Road and killed him on the spot. He was the administrator of Madarasa Ahsan-Ul-Uloom.


After the incident, angry protesters set many vehicles, including an ambulance on fire at Gulshan Chowrangi. Protestor also pelted stones at cars disrupting traffic in adjoining areas.


Geo News cameraman Khalil Ahmed was also assaulted during the protests.


Due to the tense situation in the area, shops and businesses were closed after which security forces arrived in the area to control the situation.


Police resorted to shelling to disperse the crowd and arrested several persons from the scene.


In Bilal Colony area of Orangi, unknown gunmen opened fire and killed Inspector Hidyatullah.


Meanwhile two unidentified bodies were recovered near the Sohrab Goth police check-post.


Two brothers who belonged to a political party were also killed in a firing incident near Sabir Chowk in the Orangi area of Karachi.


Another person was killed during a firing incident at Al-Asif Square

Reader Comments
The Government has failed with spree of killings reaching disproportionate level despite presence of Rangers. Oh yeah People rise to take it into your own as two people who can make difference appear immune to calls from you hapless, convert Karachi into Tahrir Square to protect lives of your nearest and dearest ones.

United Kingdom
This is clear answer to those propaganda that only Shias are being targeted. Infact majority of target killing victims are Sunnis during 2012. Madressah are peacefully teaching Islamic education.

Mohammad Tayyab
All the seminary should be close in karachi b/c more than 90% students are coming from outside karachi and creating law and order problems in karachi..stick carrying students were attacking private cars and looting shops whereas Islam teaches us to be patience and not to harm others.

ali ahmed
Saudi Arabia
Any government would have resigned not in Pakistan. When you have a mafia style party ruling Karachi, a coalitiion partner in Zardari government, who can you blame ?

Unknown gunmen should be known to a competent government. Foreign hand should be visible to a diligent government. But this corrupt government has turned it's eyes away from these daily cold blooded murders. There is no word of condemnation from President, PM, IM, CM or Governor because they know very well that they will run out of words but this blood bath will not stop.

This Act of killing is just to spark sectarian violence in the volatile city of Karachi , Nothing More !

Furkan AwAN
There seems involvement of foreign spy agencies affiliated with any local group involved in sectarian killings. prior ASWJ persons have been targeted in this area and in North Karachi four blood brothers have targeted. Seems no one target killer has been arrested till yet.

In Islam killing of one human means killing the whole humanity. when will our rulers understand this. They only think of themselves as humans and none else. May Allah Subhanna Wa Taala bring Peace and Prosperity to all nations and give hadayat to these zalims.

Mr Shahid
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