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US drone kills 15 in Mir Ali

- June 04, 2012 - Updated 71 PKT - From Web Edition

MIRANSHAH: A US drone strike targeting a militant compound in North Waziristan killed 15 people in a pre-dawn attack on Monday, security officials said.


Two missiles were fired on the compound in Mir Ali, 25 kilometres (15 miles) east of Miranshah, near the Afghan border.


The attack was the eighth drone strike in Pakistan since a NATO conference on Afghanistan in Chicago last month.


According to the security personnel, there were reports that some foreigners had been killed but these were unable to be confirmed. (AFP)

Reader Comments
And finally, Pakistanis learn to bow their heads to the masters. Neglected life for money seems to be a good trade. And that too in Dollars. Wow, Money speaks. Pakistan is great!!!

That is how US apologises to Pakistan.

Romesh Chander
Muslims must stop feeling threatened and agitated, and start dealing and reacting rationally and in an organised and in a coordinated manner to USA, UK, Indian, Israeli, and Western Christian terror tactics.

Hammad Sethi
PAF is at Attaullah's concert. We need alternative defenders for our Nation?

Friend of Pakistan
Why can't we down these dirty drones. Let us give some stingers to tribal people and let them defend themselves. Alternately we may say good bye to tribal areas and let them decide their own fate. Why are we getting them butchered

Asghar Ali
Iran could technically capture a drone snatching it from their masters in USA and force it to land in Iran. Can Pakistan try to do that with all the technological prowess at it's disposal instead of repeating impotently that such drone attacks are violation of some sovereignty? If we do that, the USA will listen fast otherwise they will ruthlessly continue killing most of our people alongwith maybe a few militants that we should have taken care of in the first place anyway.

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