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US drone strikes kill 15 in S Waziristan

- March 13, 2012 - Updated 1814 PKT - From Web Edition

PESHAWAR: US drones killed at least 15 people in two attacks in different areas of South Waziristan, officials sources said on Tuesday.


The first attack took place in the remote Drey Nishtar area of South Waziristan Agency when an unmanned aircraft fired missiles on a vehicle, as a result of which eight people were killed.


Seven more people were killed in a second US drone strike in Shawal area of South Waziristan.


Pakistan has long been publicly opposing the US drone strikes, saying the strikes proved counter-productive in the war on terror.


Relations between both the countries dipped to new low as a US cross border raid killed at least 26 Pakistani soldiers November last years.


Pakistan closed Nato supply routes and got vacated the Shamsi airbase, which experts had been used as a base for dangerous US drones, in the aftermath of the cross border raid.

Reader Comments
Dear Tariq, terrorists are well-known( the so called Afghan Taliban), who have safe havens on the other side of the disgraceful Durand Line.

This is the good example of the performance of the current government, cowardness of the army and real friendship of USA. Let us not forget 87 years jail sentece to Sidique and beautiful release of Raymond Davis with Pakistani money.

m. a
Why we always fail to mention that those killed in drone attacks were known terrorists? Does it mean we shelter them on our soil and hate the USA for killing the people who regularly caused death and destruction in Pakistan?

Syed Aamir Ishaque
USA is trying to contain the psychological rise of the Muslim world through terrorism. It has become very obvious that the Western Christian thugs are the biggest terrorists in the world, and it is down to individual Muslim countries to individually and collectively protect their legitimate national interests.

Hammad Sethi
@Truth It is simple. Only Pakistan harbors these terrorists and so US sends its drones there. Other countries however you may hate them simply do not harbor them.

This is the Government of Pakistan which has put the Country for Sale. USA needs corrupt governments all over the world which can be bribed,exploited and abused as US-PAWNS on the world canvas.

Bitter Truth
USA has set the wrong Standard for others to follow. There is NO LAW in the world which suggests killing of other people based on a EXAGGERATED Apprehension that a Person/Government can kill the other Person/Citizens of the other countries. The only Law USA is following is "Might is Right".

Musharraf gave an inch and US took a mile. For the last 6-7 years,skies over our villages have become weapon labs of US where they test,improve and test again.Centuries old tradition of people moving across Afghanistan-Pakistan border must be abolished because US says so, else get zapped.This is cruelty for those with a heart.

Wrong Name
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