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Pakistan players missing from 2014 auction list for IPL

January 28, 2014 - Updated 1150 PKT
From Web Edition

KARACHI: Pakistani players will be missing from the IPL’s 7th edition in 2014 for the sixth year running.


The IPL has issued a list of 233 players for its annual auction and not a single Pakistani player is on that list.


Pakistani players have been barred from participating in the IPL since 2008 after the Mumbai terror attacks.

Reader Comments
indian gov right about the safety of there country, but to make thing right u got to give chance to pakistani players to play in IPL cause its is easy to win games without having the best bowler in the game. so don't let few people destroy the peace between this two country,and let this people show that few coward attack not going to change anythig,and let move forward and allow pakistani players in IPl.

Why pakistani players want to play IPL? Muslims shud try to play in their own countries and don`t disturb their neighours

i'm indian and i think that not to bring politics in sports and pakistani player would take part in ipl but dont blame indian government kyunki taali ek haat se nahi bajti.

Indians Govt. always have fear from Pakistanis, Indians Govt. is coward.

Sports Lover
It's a big loss to the IPL that Pakistani players can't participate. I'm not a Pakistani myself but their absence is very noticeable. There were many exciting Pakistan moments in 2008 such as the entrance of Shoaib Akhtar (not a fan of him but let's face it, he's always entertaining), and a fresh faced Sohail Tanvir taking 4 wickets per match (unfortunately he hasn't been able to maintain that standard). Excluding Pakistan from any major event is bad for the fans and bad for cricket.

pakistani players do not play ipl but still they are best players like hafeez, gul and saeed ajmal.

shahid tunio baluchistan
I hope people.reading these posts can finally understand what regard common Indians have for their neighbours and the fact that they can not supposedly split politics from cricket. Here's my proposal for all the hypocrites. As you hold Pakistan cricket responsible the YOU MUST refuse to play them in any competition in future and withdraw India from all competions because you must not play terrorists right?

United Kingdom
Private owner of IPL are showing their solidarity with the Hindu,Muslim,sikh,Jew victims killed at Mumbai.The planners of attack still roam freely in Pakistan.

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