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Zahra Shahid's sacrifice will not go in vain: Imran Khan

- May 19, 2013 - Updated 185 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Teheek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan Sunday appealed to his party workers to stand fast against the brutalities, come what may, Geo News reported.


"Zahra Shahid Hussain did not lay down her life for nothing. Her sacrifice will not go in vain", said Khan in a latest video message to PTI workers from the hospital where he is recovering from the injuries received in a fall at a pre-poll rally.


Going forward, an adamant PTI chief said the city of Karachi was being controlled by mongering fear among people.


Khan announced that PTI would launch a protest movement against the cold-blooded murder of PTI leader, Zahra Shahid Hussain, tomorrow (Monday), adding he himself would lead the demos in Karachi as soon as he was out of the hospital.


"I regret that I would not be able to join the protest demonstrations in Karachi right now, but hopefully I will be rubbing shoulders with you as soon as doctors discharge me from the hospital", said he addressing to his workers.


During the video message he reiterated his last night's stance of holding MQM leader Altaf Hussain directly responsible for the killing of Zahra Hussain and British police indirectly.


"I hold Altaf Hussain responsible for this murder as he had openly threatened my workers with dire consequences for staging sit-ins against vote rigging. And UK police is also to be blame as it did nothing to stop a British citizen from voicing such vicious things", Khan said.


Khan added that for the sake of the "continuance" of this democratic process, he was not insisting upon a reelection, but the vote rigging, which he said was the worst in the history of Pakistan should be investigated thoroughly.


"I am not asking for a re-poll because I want this system to endure, however if this outrageous ballot-fudging goes un-probed the people will take to the streets", said he.

Reader Comments
Zulfikar Mirza was right I wish somebody had listened to him. Nawaz Leaque is going to make alliance with murderers and thugs now (Altaf Hussain)

ayesha khan
IMRAN KHAN I said to all peaple of pakistan that you are a honest man but the all peaple of pakistan are not honest

She was killed to send a message "People of Karachi; Don't come out on Sunday otherwise----------". Karachi has been ruled for many decades using tactics of "Threat" and "Fear". Election 2013 has given people of Karachi a hope of freedom. It seems that time has come when Karachi can be free again. Sacrifice given by this great woman will turn the tide. Malala exposed TTP to the world and Zahra Apa Shaheed will expose true face of THE KILLERS to the world. Who ever order this killing must know her blood will bring him to justice in this world and the world after.

so it boils down to Imran K & PTI to challenge Altaf ! Whatever happened to Zulfiqar Mirza of PPP who carried a box to London, full of files against Altaf's criminal activities. And why is Nawaz Sharif quiet ?

Afzal Ali (Karachi)
Pakistanis stand by you, Imran. Your Supporter

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