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- Friday, June 04, 2010 - From Print Edition


ISLAMABAD: A huge scandal of fake registration of dozens of Pakistani students who obtained medical degrees from Afghanistan, as well as Kyrgyzstan and some other former Soviet republics, in recent years has hit the Pakistan Medial & Dental Council (PMDC) headed by Dr Asim Hussain.


The scam surfaced after these students were secretly issued bogus registration certificates by its top guns with the permission to serve in any government hospital and private clinics or get jobs abroad, after all of them failed to pass the compulsory test of National Examination Board (NEB) on their return to Pakistan.


The sources said that as the FIA launched investigations into this scam it was revealed that official files containing record of these fake doctors who were given registration diplomas were now missing from the official record of PMDC. Meanwhile, the bogus registration scam took an ugly turn when surprisingly FIA inquiry officer Assistant Director Crime Circle Zafar Mahmood Sheikh, was punished and immediately removed from investigation after he found huge documentary evidences to prove as how bogus doctors were legalized by top guns of PMDC by minting money. Zafar Sheikh was removed after some top guns of PMDC used their clout to get him transferred to stop further proceedings against the accused sitting at helm of affairs.


Sources said FIA Zafar Sheikh was said to have also met Dr Asim Hussain in his office to inquire about the scam and had brought into his notice that how PMDC Registrar Major Dr Ahmed Naeedm Akbar was not cooperating with him FIA inquiry officer was said to have now recommended in his report to the DG FIA to put name of Dr Nadeem on ECL and recommend government send him on forced leave before launching a full-fledged inquiry into the racket active in the PMDC. Zafar Sheikh was punished after he gave these recommendations to his authorities.


When this correspondent contacted the recently punished FIA Inquiry officer Zafar Sheikh, he confirmed that he was assigned to probe this scam. But, Zafar Sheikh refused to give details of his explosive findings on the grounds that he was not authorised to make any comment on this case.


Talking to The News President PMDC Dr Asim Hussain, who himself runs a private medical college in Karachi where once president Asif Zardari remained under treatment during his captivity, confirmed that FIA inquiry officer Zafar Sheikh had met him to discuss scam of issuance of bogus certificates to students who did not pass NEB tests. He said he had forgotten afterwards about these investigations.


He confirmed that a racket was active in the PMDC and he had also ordered an internal inquiry. Dr Asim said he didnít knew the latest position of the case or whether FIA had completed its findings and had recommended action against Registrar PMDC


When he was told that how could he ignore such a scam in the PMDC which he himself was running as its president, Dr Asim said he would discuss the whole issue after reading the contents of FIA inquiry report. Dr Asim confirmed that he knew that at least 30 such students were given fake registration certificates by PMDC.


Meanwhile, investigations conducted by The News revealed that shocking aspect of this new scam of registering those Pakistani students, who could not pass the test required for this registration, is that the vouchers and official record of those Pakistani female and male students who passed the NEB test after graduating from the Pakistani medical colleges and were already registered with PMDD have quietly been used by the PMDC to give the whole process a legal cover.


After getting the bogus registration certificates, now these half-baked doctors are doing government service and running their own clinics. Some of them are said to have left Pakistan to get jobs abroad in the light of these bogus registration certificates issued to them with the help of PMDC


These candidates after failing to pass the PMDC test are said to have paid millions of rupees to the top guns of PMDC which is now being run by the former adviser of the Prime Minister, Dr Asim Hussain as its president. Initially, FIA had taken action on the scam but its investigators have been silenced after top guns of PMDC used their own links to stop them from further probe.


Official documents available with The News that even Pakistan ambassador to Biskhek Tanveer A Khaskheli had written to the then president PMDC Prof Dr Hasnain that Kyrgz State Medical college Academy and Osh university had informed him that documents submitted by the Pakistanis students to get PMDC registration were bogus and fake.


According to one official letter of FIA written by Hazrat Ali, Deputy Director Crime FIA in the name of Registrar PMDC, the agency was conducing an inquiry No 127/09 of FIA crime circle Rawalpindi illegal registration of doctors on fake/forged/degrees/diploma/certificates etc.


The FIA letter said this agency had initiated an inquiry into the alleged registration of doctors on fake/forged/degree/diploma. It said that to proceed further and to reach to logical conclusion PMDC was requested to provide complete record/file of following doctors.


Initially the names of following doctors who returned from Afghanistan and Central Asian States were mentioned in FIA letter and their files were sought but PMDC refused to give files on the grounds that these were missing from the official record, but in FIA inquiry the numbers of such fake doctors raised to 30.


Dr Shafif Ahmed son of Abdul Haleem Eligibiilty certificate no 3448 dated April 4, 2009; Dr Jehangir Khan son of Adam Khan, EC No 3449 on April 4, 2009; Dr Said Wali son of Abdul Hakim, NEB exam roll no 091720 May 2009; Dr Syed Salauddin son of Syed Fazal Wahid EC no 3451 dated April 22, 2009; Dr Syed Naseemudin SON OF Syed Fazal Wahid EC No 3452 on April 22, 2009. dR Ikram ullah son of Faiz Talib Khan NEB examination roll no 091110 held in May 2009; Dr Sakhi Jan son of Ahmed Zia Khan, Dr Rehmanullah son of Anaullah; Dr Abrar ullah son of Mohammad Taj, Dr Malik Asad son of Tahir Husain.


FIA also sought attested photo copy of eligibility certificates no 3409 dated Feb 23, 2009. Attested copy of letter no 7587/RMC/RWP dated November 13, 2008.