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Delimitation of three national and eight provincial assembly seats may change city’s political dynamics; PPP to approach court
- Sunday, March 24, 2013 - From Print Edition




The delimitation of three national and eight provincial assembly seats in Karachi may change the political dynamics of the port city in the next general elections.


The election commission has redrawn the NA-239, NA-250, NA-254, PS-89, PS-112, PS-113, PS-114, PS-115, PS-116, PS-118 and PS-124 on the directives of the Supreme Court. The city has 20 National Assembly and 42 provincial assembly seats.


The changes have, however, not gone down too well with the major political players with the MQM and PPP already rejecting the changes. While the MQM has already launched a protest drive against the delimitation of constituencies, the PPP has decided to go to the superior courts.


“Constituencies cannot cross the district boundaries but the election commission has included areas from another district in the NA-239 constituency,” says PPP Karachi President Abdul Qadir Patel, who was elected an MNA from the seat.


Shireen Jinnah Colony was a part of NA-250 in district south but the area has been included in NA-239 which is in district west, he points out, terming the decision “mala fide”.


‘National’ changes


On NA-239, the area charge numbers 29 to 35 and 40 and 41 have been shifted to other constituencies. Now the constituency comprises Baldia Town, Nayabad, Hasan Goth, Umer Farooq Colony, Naval Colony, Qaimkhani Colony, Ittehad Town, New Saeedabad, whereas, Keamari Town areas TC Gabopat, PAF Masroor Base, Grex Village, Muhammadi Colony, Baba Bhit Island, Sultanabad, Gulshan-e-Sikandarabad, Tashkent Colony, Jackson Bazaar, Manora Cantt, Shireen Jinnah Colony and Generalabad have also been included.


The NA-250 constituency will comprise the areas of City Railways Colony, Gari Khata, Saddar, Civil Lines, Hijrat Colony, Clifton, Shah Rasool Colony, Khekashan, Doli Khata, Bizerta Lines, Cantt Railway Colony, Dehli Colony, Defence Phase V, VI, VII and VIII, and Qayyumabad. Charge numbers 17, 22 to 26 and Cantt 1 and 2 from the 2008 elections have been shifted.


In the NA-254 constituency, charge numbers 33 to 39 from the previous elections have been moved out. Mehran Town, Bilal Colony, Sector 33 and 34 of Korangi, 9,000 Road, Gulzar Colony, Nasir Colony, Allah Wala Town, Zia Colony, Korangi Sector 32A and C, Chakra Goth, Mustafa Colony, Hasrat Mohani Colony, Korangi Sector 51A and 51E, 100 Quarters, Korangi Sector 50A and 50 C, 48E and 48F, Silver Town and Sector 48B, Korangi Cantonment and Malir district fall under this constituency.


‘Provincial’ changes


For the upcoming elections, the election commission has notified PS-89 to include Mohammadi Colony, Baba Bhit Island, Sultanabad, Gulshan-e-Sikandarabad, Tashkent Colony, Jackson Bazaar, Shireen Jinnah Colony, Generalabad in Keamari. Charge numbers 30 to 35 were part of the constituency in 2008.


The PS-112 constituency will now comprise City Railway Colony, Gari Khata, Saddar, Hijrat Colony, Clifton, Shah Rasool Colony, Clifton and Kehkashan. In the 2008 elections, charge numbers of 17 and 22 to 26 were included.


The area of PS-113 includes Doli Khata, Bizerta Lines, Cantt Railway Colony, Delhi Colony, Defence Phase V, VI, VII and VIII and Qayyumabad. In the previous elections, charge numbers 1 to 5 were a part of this constituency.


In the PS-114 constituency, Manzoor Colony, Defence, Akhtar Colony, Rehman Colony, Manzoor Colony Sector A and B, Mehmoodabad Block 1 to 6, Azam Basti and Chanesar Goth have been included.


The PS-115 areas include Block 2 and Block 6 of PECHS, Umer Colony, Jet Lines, Lines Area, Sector A1, 2A, B and C of Jacob Lines, Jinnah Complex and Khudadad Colony. Charge numbers 1 to 3, 27, 40 and 41 in south district from 2008 elections have been included.


In PS-116, the areas included for 2013 elections are Fatima Jinnah Colony, PECHS Block 11, Hyderabad Colony, Civic Centre, Sharfabad, Delhi Mercantile Society, Block 3 of CP Barar Society and Essa Nagri with charge numbers 4, 6 to 8 and 42 added in the areas from the previous elections.


Jamali Colony, Gilani Railway, Shanti Nagar, Katchi Para, Waseem Bagh, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 1, 2, 3 and 6, Patel Hospital and Quaid-e-Azam Colony make up the PS-118 seat. Charge numbers 9 to 11, from the 2008 elections, have been included.


The PS-124 constituency now comprises Nasir Colony, Allah Wala Colony, Zia Colony, Korangi Sector 32A and 32C, Chakra Goth, Mustafa Taj Colony, Korangi Sector 48E and 48F, Silver Town, Korangi Sector 48B and Korangi Cantonment of Malir district. The areas under charges number 45 and 36 have been added to the provincial assembly seat.


Who won what?


Changes were made in all of Karachi’s constituencies in 2002 and then again in 2007 as some areas were shifted from one to the other seats. In 2002, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) had won from the PS-116, NA-239 and NA-250 seats. The National Alliance won the PS-114 while the PPP candidate was elected from PS-89. The rest of the seats were all won over by the MQM.


In 2008, the MQM won the NA-250 and NA-254 while a PPP candidate was elected from NA-239. The position in provincial assembly seats was totally changed as only PPP succeeded in retaining the PS-89 while MQM swept all the remaining seats. The volume of votes on these seats almost doubled in 2008 as compared to the results of 2002.


Securing 56,840 votes, PPP’s Abdul Qadir Patel won the NA-238, which the party had lost to MMA in the 2002 elections.


In NA-250, which was won by MMA’s Abdul Sattar Afghani in 2002, MQM’s Khushbakht Shujaat won with 52,045 votes in the 2008 elections. This seat was won by PML-N’s Capt Haleem Ahmed Siddique in the 1997 elections. With 132,624 votes, MQM’s Dr Ayub Shaikh was elected from NA-254, which was won by the party’s Nawab Mirza in the previous elections securing 42,888 votes.


In 2002 and 2008 elections, PPP’s Akhtar Jadoon won the PS-89. From PS-112 MQM’s Muqeem Alam emerged victorious. The PS-113, PS-114, PS-115, PS-116, PS-118 and PS-124 were won by MQM’s Askari Taqvi, Abdul Rauf Siddiqui, Raza Haroon, Syed Sardar Ahmed, Faisal Sabzwari and Syed Talib Imam, respectively, in 2008.