Thursday December 01, 2022

Six cops injured, female ASP held hostage by Gutka mafia

By News Report
October 13, 2022

TANDO MUHAMMAD KHAN: Six policemen were injured and a female ASP Alina Rajpar was made hostage by the Gutka mafia here on Wednesday when a police party raided a Gutka-Mainpuri producing factory, local media reported.

The incident occurred when a police team, led by the female ASP, raided the biggest Gutka and Mainpuri producing factory in the area. During the action, the police faced stiff resistance. When the situation became serious, police of five districts were called in. When a heavy contingent of police force arrived at the scene, the operatives of Gutka mafia released the female ASP.

The police party arrested many accused after several hours of operation, but refused to reveal their identity. The material used in the preparation of Gutka and Mainpuri was also seized in huge quantity. The recovered material is worth millions of rupees.