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Pensioners’ data to be verified: minister

By Our Correspondent
October 05, 2022

LAHORE:The Punjab government has decided to cross verify the pensioners data with the Nadra in order to create transparency and end any discrepancy in the distribution of pension. In the first phase of Punjab pension reforms, the biometric verification of the pensioners would be made mandatory to counter the irregularities in the pension disbursement mechanism. The decision was made in a review meeting of the Punjab pension reforms under PRIDE project by the Punjab Finance Minster Mohsin Laghari. Secretary Finance, Special Secretary Finance, General Manager Punjab Pension Fund Syed Shahnawaz Nadir Shah and relevant officers of the Finance Department attended the meeting.

The minister observed that the pension reforms were being introduced to control rising expenditure of claimants and pensions. Further, he mentioned that the disbursement of the pension through online payment methods will make it easier for the pensioners to collect their pensions besides ensure transparency in the pension disbursement system.

The upcoming reforms will also offer alternative options as per the need of the pensioners for payment of pension dues. In the future, reforms will also be introduced in the pension fund under the Punjab Finance Department, the minster added. Mohsin made it clear that the most of the reforms in the pension system will be applicable to the employees recruited under the new pension system. He welcomed the increase in the privileges of engineers by the Punjab government and emphasised the need for a better package for the staff working in the field than those who are sitting in the offices.

Increased privileges of field officers will also play an important role in keeping them away from corruption, he believed. He said that the old formula of salaries and pension does not support the new upgrades and it is necessary to ensure the restructuring of the formula. Under the old formula, payments are being made to the government employees through different sources which could be combined to introduce better packages.

Reduction of pension expenditure can be ensured through various offers to the employees at the time of retirement for payment of pension. Mohsin observed that control on current expenditure will lead to increase the availability of resources for development expenditure in the province.