Saturday November 26, 2022

Domestic workers’ monthly contribution system approved

By Our Correspondent
October 01, 2022

LAHORE:Sigh of relief for domestic workers as Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) on Friday approved a rule for collection of monthly contribution from domestic labour as a result of continuous struggle of Domestic Workers Union (DWU).

According to details, under the rules, the domestic workers after registration with PESSI, will deposit Rs300 per month to Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) and in return, they will get all the benefits as available to the other industrial worker’s like medical, maternity benefits, free schooling, Dowry grant and death grant etc.

The DWU President Sameena Farooq said that the registration of the workers in the social security will help the domestic workers in getting all the benefits as available to the other industrial workers.

She added that the domestic workers were not able to send their children’s to schools due to the increase in the school fees in the last few years but now after the registration their children’s will have access to free education which is a very big achievement of the union.

Arooma Shahzad, the founder of the union who started to organise the domestic workers in 2013, said that due to the lack of implementation of the Domestic Workers Act in Punjab, and absence of legal framework in other provinces of Pakistan, the domestic workers were employed without any contract.

Their wages were not even governed by minimum wages and they faced several hardships including sexual harassment, less pay and weekly holidays at their workplace.