Thursday November 30, 2023

‘Thieves’ ruling country, getting their cases quashed: Imran

Your politics is worship because you do not do it for yourself but for the nation, says Imran Khan

September 24, 2022
PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressing a students convention in Islamabad on September 23, 2022. — Instagram
PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressing a students' convention in Islamabad on September 23, 2022. — Instagram

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has claimed that “thieves” were ruling the country and getting their cases quashed. In his address to the Insaf Student Federation, he said, “Your politics is worship because you do not do it for yourself but for the nation. It is just as women of occupied Kashmir come out of their homes to protest despite difficulties and oppression. A slave nation can never stand up; slaves can only become good slaves. If you spread your hands in front of the world, no one will respect you”.

Imran warned that if people did not stand against what was happening to the country, then it would be destroyed. “There is no Yugoslavia; the Soviet Union is no more; Russia is struggling and East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Pakistan will suffer if we do not struggle for our freedom and rights,” he added. He said it was a decisive time in the history of Pakistan and “if we all work hard and go to the people, then the real freedom movement could succeed.”

A large number of students from universities and educational institutions from the federal capital and adjoining areas participated in the convention. PTI Secretary General Asad Umar, Insaf Students Federation convener Arsalan Chaudhry, Insaf Students Federation President Amjad Ali and Naila Marwat also attended.

Imran said that politics was infamous all over the world as people join politics and promise that they would serve the people, and then they start making money for themselves. “However, prophets changed people’s lives, lifted humans, provided justice and rights to people,” he added. Imran said, “I am talking about fighting jihad for the country. The real freedom struggle is for your better future. A nation where there is no rule of law is destroyed. Thieves have taken over the country. Their cases are being waived every day. If it I right open the doors of jails, what is the fault of the poor? The Zardaris and Sharif are found everywhere in poor countries. Today, if you want to see worst slavery, go to Sindh.”

Meanwhile, the PTI parliamentary party in the Senate decided to raise the issues of worst inflation, economic devastation, covert and overt action against political workers and restrictions on the media in the House. PTI Chairman Imran Khan presided over the meeting, which expressed deep concern over “brutal human rights violations and unnecessary restrictions on the media.” The meeting also condemned oppression against political opponents, especially a raid on the residence of Senator Saifullah Khan Nyazee. The forum also discussed in detail the overall political situation and economy of the country, besides chalking out a strategy for the upcoming Senate session. The senators also expressed serious concern over the NRO. The meeting also reviewed in detail the foreign travel and expenses of the ministers, led by the Prime Minister. Discussions were also held on the “decisive phase of the real freedom movement.” It expressed serious concern over the plight of flood victims in Sindh and the provincial government’s failure to help them.

Meanwhile, PTI chairman’s former chief of staff Shahbaz Gill has vowed to continue the struggle with his leader and said he would support the oppressed without any discrimination. In a statement on his YouTube channel after his release from jail, GiIl thanked all Pakistanis who stood with him and raised their voice when he face “worst state repression.” He also thanked the party chairman for standing behind him in the difficult times.