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Clash with militants: Jirga secures release of injured DSP, others in Swat

By Our Correspondent & News Desk
August 11, 2022

MINGORA/ISLAMABAD: A jirga secured the release of a deputy superintendent of police (DSP), who was injured in a clash with militants and other law enforcement agencies’ officials.

Four policemen, including a deputy superintendent of police (DSP), had sustained injuries in a clash with militants at Balasur Top in Matta tehsil of Swat district on Monday.

The injured DSP, identified as Pir Said, was taken to the Saidu Sharif Teaching Hospital, where his condition was stated to be stable. The militants also returned the weapons of officials.

The police had launched a search operation in Balasur Top area after receiving a tip-off about the presence of militants there.

An exchange of fire took place between the policemen and militants during the search operation. The militants had seized the DSP and other officials.

Reports suggested that a large number of militants had arrived in the upper parts of Matta tehsil in Swat.

The presence of the militants has caused panic among the local population and the people do not come out of their homes after sunset. Besides establishing their writ, they have started extorting money from rich people, the locals said.