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Woman’s property dedicated to support deprived women

August 08, 2022

LAHORE:Aruba Yuasa passed away last week (July 31), but nobody would know it, except for those helpless women languishing in different jails of Pakistan, or those forsaken, admitted to various orphanages and old homes, who would benefit on every sad occasion from her will.

She died a young age and was laid to rest in Ryugasaka City of Japan.Aruba was born on June 30, 1995, to a Pakistani origin man, Chaudhry Homayoun Akhtar Chattha. She had a special affection for the poor and neglected women.

As per her will, on the plight of helpless women, who reach jails after falling victim to some unexpected circumstances, and have no one to ever visit them or pursue their cases, Aruba’s property was dedicated to support such deprived and left-behind women.

Being a sensitive and kind-hearted young woman, she could feel the mental agony of the far-neglected segments of the women, including those languishing in jails without any outside support ever. However, this kind-hearted woman could not serve the humanity for long, and left the world on last day of the last month. She was buried at Yawara graveyard in Ryugasaka City of Japan.

It has been decided now, to collect data through official sources about such women in prisons and orphanages, and evolve a system to send them clothes and other items of use on regular basis and to provide technical and legal support, wherever required. Chaudhry Homayoun Akhtar Chattha, the chief executive officer of United Tokyo Group of Companies, Japan, has decided to continue the noble passion of his daughter, Aruba Yuasa.

Under the personal direction and direct supervision of ProfDr Aurangzeb Hafi, it has been decided to establish Aruba Memorial Welfare System & Trusts Chain, along with Aruba Yuasa Research Initiative, in Pakistan.Besides the life-long commitments to the cause of the special children, Prof

Hafi has had decades-long “on-ground” research-based vision concerning the left-behind women languishing in mental hospitals and jails. ProfHafi is considered the third son of the late Ms Bilquis Edhi, along with her two biological sons, Faisal and Qutub Edhi.