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Train timings to restore with weather improvement

August 07, 2022

LAHORE : The train schedule of Pakistan Railways is still disturbed due to continuous unusual weather conditions across the country.

A spokesperson for Railways said on Saturday the administration was making all-out efforts to improve regularity of trains.

He said trains punctuality would restore with normalisation of weather conditions.

As per the PR control room, 1-Up Khyber Mail was 6:00 hours late on Saturday, 5-Up Greenline Express 5:30 hours, 7-Up Tezgam 3:30 hrs, 9-Up Allama Iqbal Express 1:40 hrs, 11-Up Hazara Express 1:15 hrs, 13-Up Awam Express 6:00 hrs, 17-Up Millat Express 03:50 hrs, 27-Up Shalimar Express 2:00 hrs, 35-Up Sir Syed Express 6:00 hrs, 37-Up Fareed Express 1:50 hrs, 39-Up Jaffer Express 4:40 hrs, 43-Up Shah Hussain Express 9:30 hrs, 45-Up Pakistan Express 1:30 hrs and 47-Up Rehman Baba Express train was 2:30 hours behind its scheduled time.

While 2-Down Khyber Mail was 4:00 hours late, 6-Dn Greenline 4:20 hrs, 8-Dn Tezgam 1:50 hrs, 12-Dn Hazara Express 1:29 hrs, 14-Dn Awam Express 1:40 hrs, 16-Dn Karachi Express 5:20 hrs, 28-Dn Shalimar Express 1:45 hrs, 40-Dn Jaffar Express 1:15 hrs, and 44-Dn Shah Hussain Express was 7:10 hours late. The Pakistan Railways spokesperson said the Railways was trying its best not to cancel any train.