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‘I apologise for running social media campaign against Pak army’

There was no truth in the tweets I generated and it was a big mistake, says Muhammad Muneeb

By News Desk
August 06, 2022

ISLAMABAD: An ex-office bearer of PTI’s student wing, Muhammad Muneeb Kiyani admitted on Friday in his confessional statement that he ran a smear campaign on social media against the Pak army soldiers, report TV channels.

Stating that he feels ashamed and sorry now, he said he did the wrong due to the influence of certain people. Muneeb Kiyani said he has served as senior deputy convener of Insaf Union Federation (ISF). He said he posted two tweets on Thursday. He stated the first tweet was generated by him, while the other was merely a copy-paste.

 The information for the former was taken from the pages titled Soldier Speak, Uzma Khan PTI, Sabeena Kiyani and Imran Riaz Khan, he said. The mistake he made was under the influence of “certain people”, he admitted. “There was no truth in the tweets I generated and it was a big mistake. I also did not verify them,” he stated.

In the same statement, Farhat Naeem Kiyani, the father of Muneeb Kiyani, admitted the tweets posted by his son were objectionable. He said he takes responsibility for not checking the tweets in time. He said he “owns” the mistake made by his son, and it would not be repeated in future. He said they are patriots and respect Pakistan Army. “I take responsibility that he will not do it again. Pak Army Zindaabad,” he promised.