Friday August 19, 2022

People’s Cup Inter-Provincial Youth Boxing enters semi-finals stage

By Our Correspondent
July 05, 2022

KARACHI: The first People's Cup Inter-Provincial Youth Boxing Championship on Monday entered the semi-finals stage here at the Haji Abu Bakar Tarnakawala Boxing Gymnasium Lyari.

In the evening session, four men's semi-finals and as many women's pre-finals were conducted. The rest of the semi-finals will be conducted on Tuesday (today). In the event squads from four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are showing their worth. Sindh have fielded two teams: Greens and Maroons.

In the men's 51 kg semi-final, Ayub Khan of Balochistan beat Saqib of Islamabad. In the 54kg semi-final, Maaz Khan of KP defeated Majid Ali Khan of Punjab.

In the 57 kg semi-final, Tabaruk of KP got the better of Raees of Islamabad. Miraj of Sindh Greens defeated Kareebullah of Islamabad in the 60kg semi-final. In women's 50kg semi-final, Sehar Atif of Punjab beat Sana of AJK.

In the 52kg women's semi-final, Malaika Zahid of Balochistan defeated Bushra of Islamabad. In the 57kg semi-final, Fatima Zuhra of Punjab defeated Kainat of Balochistan.

Akansha of Sindh Greens got the better of Azka Ashfaq of AJK in the 60kg semi-final.

Earlier, in the men's 51kg quarter-finals, Azban of Sindh Greens defeated Arslan of Gilgit Baltistan. In the 60kg quarter-final, Abdul Rehman of Punjab got the better of Zaheer Abbas of Sindh Maroon.

In the 63kg quarter-finals, Awais of Sindh Greens defeated Zaheer Abbas of Sindh Maroon, Adnan Butt of Punjab got the better of Mohammad Yousuf of AJK, while Zaheer Abbas of Islamabad prevailed over Zohaib of Balochistan. In the 67kg quarter-final, Javed Khan of Sindh Greens whacked Aurangzeb of Punjab. In women's 50kg quarter-final, Sehar Atif beat Sana of AJK.

On Sunday, in the 48kg quarter-finals, Sajid Khan of Islamabad defeated Mohammad Suleman of Sindh, Saim Butt of Punjab prevailed over Wajid Ali of Gilgit Baltistan and Junaid of Sindh Greens whacked Abdul Basit of AJK.

In the 51kg quarter-finals, Saqib of Islamabad defeated Umair Ahmed of Sindh Maroon, Ijaz Ahmed of Gilgit Baltistan beat Azban of Sindh Greens and Sayam Bin Tahir of AJK got the better of Mohammad Jamil of Punjab.

In the 54kg quarter-finals, Maaz Khan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa beat Kamran of Gilgit Baltistan, Khatal Mohammad of Balochistan prevailed over Rizwan of AJK, while Sameer Ahmed of Sindh Greens whacked Hamza of Sindh Maroon.

In the 57kg quarter-finals, Latif Shah of Sindh Maroon inflicted an upset defeat on international Afzal Khan of Balochistan, Mujahid Afridi of Sindh Greens got the better of Basit Rana of AJK, while Mohammad Ismail of Balochistan beat Ali Shehzad of AJK. In the 60kg quarter-final, Miraaj of Sindh Greens defeated Mohammad Usama of KP. In women's 48kg quarter-finals, Saira Mustafa of AJK defeated Kainat of Balochistan while Ayesha Mumtaz of Punjab got the better of Ayesha Jabeen of Islamabad.