Sunday August 07, 2022

Shaky alliance?

July 03, 2022

Once again it seems that the MQM-P’s promises haven’t been honoured by its allies. After the vote of no-confidence, the two main parties, the PPP and the PML-N, have become busy in other matters, completely forgetting that they had agreed to resolve the issues faced by the MQM-P. But as a member of the Mohajir community, I feel irritated whenever the party shows their helplessness. Why are party member sitting in the assembly when the agreement between them and the other parties is not being followed? Why are they not protesting loudly?

It is time the party became an important part of the country’s politics. It should make its presence noticed and must demand its rights strongly. We know that the winner of this coalition government is the PPP, which has pushed the PML-N into an abyss of troubles and uncertainty. Other small allied parties are also confused, not knowing what to do. It is time for the MQM-P to speak from a position of strength and increase its support base. Otherwise, it will lose its popularity in Sindh.

Malik ul Quddoos