Thursday August 18, 2022

JI vows to resolve 4m female factory workers’ issues if elected

By Our Correspondent
June 27, 2022

Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi chief Hafiz Naeemur Rehman said on Saturday that his religious party will honour the four million female factory workers in the city and resolve their issues on a priority basis if elected in the upcoming local government elections.

The JI leader expressed these views while addressing a women’s convention as well as a party event. Rehman said the government and the “candle mafia” always talk about the rights of working women, but the women are practically facing acute hardships.

“A majority of them have no other option but to travel through local transport in a miserable condition,” he said, adding that a majority of the women who are part of the workforce step out of their homes due to financial hardships.

However, he continued, the government only holds seminars about their plight in order to please their “foreign masters” as well as some particular quarters, instead of taking concrete steps to mitigate their hardships.

The JI leader said that unfortunately, the entire city is in a very bad shape. “On an average, a student in the city has to spend Rs240 on his motorbike every day. Similar is the situation of labourers and other people belonging to the lower middle class.”

After the recent hike in petrol prices, people in major cities of Punjab shifted to the mass transit system, but Karachiites have no such option due to the “corruption culture” within the government, he pointed out.

On the occasion, Rehman shed light on the contribution of the previous local governments run by the JI. He also highlighted the water supply, mass transit and education projects launched by the then mayor Naimatullah Khan. He said that all the projects were later ruined by other governments for political gains.

Rehman said that the JI is taking part in the local government elections because he claimed that the party has become a ray of hope for the masses, so he said that it is a golden opportunity for Karachiites to change the fate of the city and their future generations.