Sunday August 14, 2022

New no-confidence motion submitted against Pervaiz

By Our Correspondent
May 23, 2022

LAHORE:PMLN leader Rana Mashhood Ahmed has said that a new no-confidence motion was submitted against Pervaiz Elahi and the PMLN would not let him harm the Constitution.

“A constitutional crisis is being created to destabilise Pakistan. What happened in the assembly is illegal as the distrust came after seven days and has no constitutional protection,” he said while talking to media outside Punjab Assembly on Sunday. Khawaja Salman, Mian Naseer Ahmed and Hassan Murtaza of PPP were also present.

He further said that the proceedings of the Punjab Assembly were illegal and all undemocratic elements formed an alliance. Rana Mashhood Ahmed said that action would be taken against Pervaiz Elahi and his allies for violating the Constitution.

It was a dark day for the parliament as the agenda was decided in the Business Advisory Committee. After the election of the Chief Minister, the House was adjourned by the Deputy Speaker, he said adding a no-confidence motion had been filed against Pervaiz Elahi so today’s assembly proceedings were illegal and unconstitutional.

The parliamentary party will not accept the high-handed tactics, he said and maintained that the biggest province of the country was constitutionally paralysed. “At whose behest the elected government is not being allowed to run?” he questioned.

The price of flour, ghee and sugar has been reduced by the PMLN government because it came to serve the nation. He said that Imran Khan wanted to cover up his corruption and demanded Imran Khan to call back Farah Gogi to face the cases in the courts.

He said that Imran Khan destroyed the country’s economy and doubled the debt in four years. In next few days, Punjab Governor Baligh-ur-Rehman will take his oath and slap PTI in the face, he claimed.

“Punjab is the guarantor of a strong Pakistan,” said Hassan Murtaza while talking to media. He said people and parliament were fighting together and not playing any role. Some personalities were bent on harming the province.