Saturday December 03, 2022

CM inaugurates uplift projects in Lower Dir

May 19, 2022

TIMERGARA: Chief Minister Mahmood Khan on Wednesday inaugurated a number of development projects in the Lower Dir district and broke grounds for other schemes.

He inaugurated Munda and Jandool gridstations completed at a cost of Rs 1.17 billion.

Mahmood Khan opened Khyber Medical University Dir Campus and an upgraded District Headquarters Hospital Timergara, completed at a cost of Rs1.00 billion and 1.64 billion, respectively.

He inaugurated two other projects, including the gravity water supply scheme and the improvement of the Blambat Canal project. Both were completed at a cost of Rs930 million.

The chief minister performed the ground-breaking of various new projects including the establishment of Dir University, construction of the RCC Bridge on Panjkora River, construction of Sports Arena and Gymnasium at Blambut, construction of Shaheed Chowk, Timargara flyover, construction of road from Mian Kiley to Kambat Bypass, construction of Talash bypass and establishment of Sports Complex at Timergara. These projects would cost Rs 4.80 billion.

Speaking at a public gathering, Mahmood Khan said the elected public representatives in the past would use hollow slogans and do nothing practical for the people of Dir whereas the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf KP government had put the district on the path of sustainable development.

He said the Dir Motorway Project was of vital importance for the region which would be completed at a huge cost of Rs36 billion. The chief minister added that the physical work on the project would be initiated within three months.

He hoped Dir University would promote quality education.

Mahmood Khan said that four different tourism spots would be developed in the district while the work on Timargara greater water supply scheme would be initiated soon whereas the project of Gopaam Irrigation Channel had been submitted to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council for approval.

Mahmood Khan thanked the Supreme Court for the verdict in the defection case.

He believed that a popular and democratic Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government at the Centre was toppled under a conspiracy just to appease the American masters.

The chief minister said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had come out on road against the “imported” government and wanted early polls to get rid of this setup.

He appealed to the public to come forward and support Imran Khan, what he said was, in his struggle for national sovereignty.

Mahmood Khan asked the party workers to support the PTI chief’s call against the ‘imported government’ and participate in his ‘Azadi March’ toward Islamabad.

PTI Member National Assembly Muhammad Bashir Khan said the chief minister had sanctioned Rs1 billion for his constituency NA-7 out of which some projects had been completed while work on others was in progress.

MPA Shafiullah Khan demanded the establishment of Talash sub-division, upgrading of Tehsil Headquarters Hospital at Talash, completion of the Kalpani Talash bypass, Timergara city beautification and construction of Gopalum Irrigation channel.