Wednesday October 05, 2022

Containers can’t block millions from reaching Islamabad: Imran

Our institutions say they are neutral, but Allah has not allowed anyone to become neutral, Imran Khan

By Mumtaz Alvi & News Desk & Syed Kosar Naqvi
May 09, 2022
Containers can’t block millions from reaching Islamabad: Imran

ABBOTTABAD/ISLAMABAD: With the PTI’s planned long march to Islamabad approaching, former prime minister Imran Khan told the Shehbaz Sharif-led government Sunday that two million people will come to the federal capital irrespective of how many containers were put up to create hindrances.

“Our institutions say they are neutral, but Allah has not allowed anyone to become neutral and if you are neutral, then you are supporting falsehood,” he added. He said that he had repeatedly stated that only animal remains neutral.

“Our opponents say if the temperature is high, then people will not come out. Put as many containers as you want, but two million people will come to Islamabad,” the PTI chairman said while addressing a public gathering in Abbottabad.

Imran Khan claimed his government was ousted because he was pursuing an independent foreign policy. “Being Muslims, we will not accept the dominance of any superpower and will never accept the imported government.” The venue was decorated with banners, portraits and colourful flags.

Strict security measures were taken by the police. More than 1,000 police officials had been deputed in and outside the venue. The PTI chairman repeatedly accused the incumbent coalition government of being part of a “foreign conspiracy” hatched by the US. He said that he had visited Moscow in the larger national interest. Russia, the PTI chief said, had agreed to provide oil on 30 percent and wheat on 20 percent rebate, which he claimed was not acceptable to the US.

Imran Khan blasted the Shehbaz Sharif-led government terming it a part of the international conspiracy by removing his government. He alleged that America did not need a government like ‘ours’ and it always supported puppets like Pervez Musharraf and Shehbaz Sharif, who accept its slavery.

The former prime minister urged the people to get ready and reach Islamabad on his call, claiming this would put the country on the path to real independence and democracy. He said that he would give the call for a long march to Islamabad after May 20 and asked his supporters to participate in it as he expected huge representation from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He went on to say that despite all barricades and hurdles, the government would not be able to stop the people from coming to Islamabad.

Imran Khan said that the conspiracy hatched with the help of the local ‘Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq’ removed the elected government of 200 million people. The PTI chief said, “We are the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and we don’t bow to any superpower. We can be friends of everyone but not be slaves of anyone.” He said he was happy to see that the Pakistani nation had come together in this way.

The former prime minister said the nation took to the streets by holding public meetings as people were angry at the installation of a corrupt government. He said Shehbaz Sharif accepted slavery to save his illegal empire established through illegal means.

Criticising Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, former president Asif Ali Zardari, Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, he said that 60 percent of the incumbent rulers were on bail. He asked Shehbaz Sharif to return the looted money to Pakistan, adding that PMLN was trying to escape from the general election.

Earlier, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Speaker Mushtaq Ghani, former ministers Sheikh Rashid, Ali Muhammad Khan, Pervez Khattak, Umar Ayub Khan, former deputy speaker National Assembly Qasim Suri also addressed the gathering.

Meanwhile, speaking to a meeting of Punjab lawmakers on Sunday, Imran Khan said that lawmakers who sold their loyalty after being elected on reserved seats should be put in jail.

Speaking to a meeting of Punjab lawmakers here, he said that those legislators who have constituencies could argue that PTI was not popular in their area and that was why they left it but how could those elected on reserved seats resort to such a step.

He said that he had met Asyia Amjad, who seems better now, but she cannot talk. Asiya was rushed to a private hospital in Lahore last month after her health deteriorated and was treated for a blood clot in her brain. The PTI had claimed that the lawmaker was tortured by the police and PMLN goons during the chaos that took place at the Punjab Assembly on April 16 when election for the chief minister was held.

“All of you went through a test and your performance was excellent, some were outstanding even,” he said specifically mentioning the Pindi team and the performance of female lawmakers. “You have passed a very big test. And you have attained a special status in the party and in my eyes.” He went on to say that turncoats who had abandoned the party after once making grandiose claims of being willing to render sacrifices had forever humiliated themselves. People will remind their children about what they have done. He added that the government containers and all would not be able to stop the people that would come out for the PTI’s march on Islamabad. He urged the MPAs to go to the people assuring them that the people would meet them with great respect. Everyone knows what has happened in the country. He went on to say that PMLN Vice President Maryam Nawaz was adamant that the threat letter purportedly containing evidence of a conspiracy to oust the former government was fake. A person who bases their politics on lies will only tell lies. He acknowledged the fact that locals came out despite the heat in Mianwali city and praised the fact that they were well aware of the events leading up to his dismissal.

Talking about the ‘public outrage’ over the looters who left the party, Imran Khan declared that these people would never win another election, adding they did not realize that their days in politics are over; they think it’s like old times, they do not know that this country has completely changed. He said the corrupt leaders of PPP and PMLN were in shock over these developments.

He said that containers and all other obstacles would not be able to stop those, who would come out for PTI Islamabad march.Meanwhile, Imran Khan has appreciated Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for the provision of world class transport facility for its citizens, especially women and students. “To provide its citizens world-class facility of transport, the provincial government deserves appreciation. It will also help women and girls continue their education,” Imran said in a tweet.