Monday October 03, 2022

Provision of substandard food: Ice cream factory sealed as BFA’s crackdown continues in Quetta

By News Report
April 27, 2022

QUETTA: The Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) has continued its crackdown on the provision of substandard food even in the third Ashra of Ramazan.

In this regard, a factory located in Chashma Achozai Airport Road area of Quetta, has been sealed for making ice cream Qulfi with unhealthy ingredients, while in the vicinity of Saryaab Road, Brewary Road and in adjoining areas, in response of violating the basic guidelines for health and hygiene, and despite of giving repeated warnings from the BFA on not obtaining a food business license, fines have been imposed on 12 different food and beverage outlets.

The ice cream factory has been sealed due to filthy situation in the processing area, use of unhealthy unpacked non-food grade colours in the manufacturing, use of rusty water in the overall ice cream production, presence of large number of fungus-infected ice sticks, blending of substandard synthetic flavors in the production and non-disclosure of manufacturing and expiration dates on the packaging.

The fined locations include three general stores, two bakeries, one food corner, one Kulcha factory, two juice corners and two meat shops.

Moreover, BFA officials had received complaints about milk adulteration and supply in two houses of Jan Muhammad Road, on which Food Safety officials headed by Deputy Director Operations, Nida Kazmi inspected the said two places but no evidence of milk adulteration was established, however, a large quantity of milk and yogurt was found in both the houses, samples of which were sent to the concerned department of Balochistan Food Authority for detailed testing.