Sunday May 26, 2024

Bilquis Edhi

April 21, 2022

The sudden death of Bilquis Edhi left all Pakistanis in mourning. After Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death, her presence was a great consolation to the majority. But now, it seems that the nation has once again lost Edhi sahab. The humanitarian work of these two is indescribable. Edhi’s ambulance service rescued Karachi’s injured at a time when the city was trapped in an unending cycle of violence. In the same city, Edhi’s ‘cradles’ became a beacon of hope for many abandoned children.

Bilquis Edhi saved more than 40,000 abandoned children and introduced them to a love that was so pure. We cannot describe the impact this amazing woman had on the lives of people. We have lost a gem, and, unfortunately, there will be no one like this woman. It is hoped that the work she started will continue without any disruptions.

Kashifa Hasan