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Farah Khan leaves for Dubai

Ahsan Jameel, Farah Khan's husband, had also left for the USA on March 31

By News Desk
April 05, 2022

ISLAMABAD: The close friend of the prime minister’s spouse, Farah Khan, left for Dubai on Sunday morning, while her husband flew for the US on March 31. PMLN’s Maryam Nawaz had accused Farah of being involved in black magic.

Reports said the close friend of Bushra Bibi, Farhat Shahzadi aka Farah Khan, had left for Dubai on Sunday (April 3), while her husband, identified as Ahsan Jameel, also left for the USA on March 31.

The sources in FIA confirmed the news and said there is no restriction of travel for the couple and no one could be stopped going abroad on mere allegations. It is pertinent to mention that PMLN and PPP leaderships had accused Farah Khan of taking kickbacks for transfers, postings and other issues. While PMLN’s leader Maryam Nawaz alleged that a woman, known as Farah Khan, had direct connections with Bani Gala and was involved in black magic.