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In the name of honour in six months: ‘2,439 women raped, 9,529 kidnapped, 90 killed in Punjab’

By Our Correspondent
February 07, 2022

LAHORE: A fresh report in connection with rape and torture against children and women, made public on the order of Punjab Information Commission, revealed that in last six months 2,439 women were raped, 9,529 were kidnapped, while 90 women were killed on the name of honour in Punjab.

According to the report, released on behalf of Punjab Police, revealed that 22,030 women were subject to torture between July 2021 to December 2021, while 428 women became target of domestic torture and 90 were killed on the name of honour in Punjab.

The report further divulged that during afore mentioned period, 897 children were sexually abused while 204 child labour and 12 cases of under aged marriage were registered. According to documents, most of the cases of torture against women reported in Punjab province and most of cases (4,978 case) were registered in Lahore, while 2,330 women were kidnapped in Lahore. While 396 rape cases were registered in Lahore.

The 423 of women kidnapping cases, 78 rape cases and 990 women torture cases were registered in Sheikhupura. While 397 women torture cases, 423 kidnap cases and 32 rape cases were reported in Nankana Sahib.

The documents showed that 1, 239 women torture cases, 371 abduction cases and 101 rape cases were registered in Kasur, while in Gujranwala 777 women torture cases, 309 kidnapping cases and 78 rape cases were registered. The 318 women and child torture cases, 94 kidnapping cases and 41 rape cases were registered in Faisalabad.