Friday June 09, 2023

Former high commissioner launches new political party

January 17, 2022
Former high commissioner launches new political party

Major General (retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak, who recently served as Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, on Sunday announced the launch of the Pakistan Aam Aadmi Movement (PAAM), saying that the newly formed political party would eradicate corruption from the country.

Addressing an event held at the Karachi Press Club, Khattak said his party would impose the death penalty on corruption and eradicate the VIP culture from Pakistan. He said his political party would choose from among the ordinary citizens of the country for leadership positions.

“Pakistan’s political parties are dominated by the feudal and business elite, which only use the middle- and lower-middle-class majority as a ladder to attain political clout, and then only further their empires, rather than work for the vast majority and the country.”

He said that PAAM would change this culture, and bring leaders from within the middle class for the first time in the political history of Pakistan. He also opposed the Sindh local government bill.