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Startup vows to improve agri-supply

By Our Correspondent
January 12, 2022
Startup vows to improve agri-supply

LAHORE: Agritech platform Jiye Technologies on Tuesday announced to start operations in Karachi by setting foots with retailers to improve agri-supply chain in the city, a statement said.

The company recently raised up to $2.5 million in pre-seed funding and began its operations in the country from Lahore. It has now set eyes on Karachi.

“We believe retailers are key stakeholders of this ecosystem who are in dire need of transformation. Setting foot in Karachi with 10,000+ retailers onboard, we are well poised to take over the city of lights by storm and leave a lasting impact,” said Osama Salman, co-founder at Jiye Technologies.

The company’s vision of transforming the entire agriculture supply chain ecosystem and its players was being received by both farmers and retailers, he added.

The startup reported that it had secured a sizable share of the market and was projected to increase its revenue by 10x, adding that its team was mapping the retailer network across the entire city and collecting data that until then had not existed.

Commenting on the development, a retailer said it was pleasant to meet the team as he found them aware of the problems retailers were facing in the city. He hoped that the initiative would come up with an easier way of ordering stock for his business.

The company focused to change the agri-supply chain in Pakistan as more than 40 percent of disposable income is spent on food. It aims to bring food safety to the region by solving conventional supply chain inefficiencies from farm to retail.