Saturday June 25, 2022

Three main events at LRC today

November 28, 2021

LAHORE: There will be three main events in a card of six planned by the stewards of the Lahore Race Club for their 13th day winter meeting 2021-22 on Sunday (today).

Acceptances with order of running have three Gawadar plates alongside the Royal Hero Cup, Khalid Bin Waleed Cup and Omar Mukhtar Cup and these main races have Sweet Golden, Amazing Runner and Jamal Din Wali as the favourites for the top position.

The class VII and division-IV&V opening Gawadar Plate has 11 acceptances. Heisenberg is expected to be the winner. It is likely to be followed by Safdar Princess and Taha Princess for places. The lineup also has Salam-e-Lahore, Chota Bravo, After Hero, Galactic Choice, Bangash, Zoaq-e-Yacieen, Silken Black and Chan Punjabi.

The second race of the day is the Royal Hero Cup, which is of class VII and division-V&VI. With entries of nine, the favourite for win is Sweet Golden and for places Mera Darwaish and Faizi Choice. The remaining runners are Mehrban, Gifts of Gold, Zahid Love, Bright Bomber, Azm-e-Nau and Amazing Thunder.

In the third race, which is of class VII and division-III&IV, the favourite is Master Prince and for places Khabib and Zaman Sahib. The remaining are Rawal Star, Solder Queen, Meri Malangni and Tatla Princess.

The Khalid Bin Waleed Cup, which is of class-VII and division-II, has as the favourite Amazing Runner and Lorenzo and Khadim for places. Others in the run are Tiger Jet, Hamlet, Banaras Prince and Pehlwan.

The fifth race is the Omar Mukhtar Cup, which has Jamal Din Wali as the favourite. In this class-VII and division-I race, Surkhab and Royal Nawab are expected to take the places. The other challengers are Nayel, Gondal Gift, Gondal Choice, Sitara Princess, Professor and Bambsi.

The final Gawadar Plate is of class-VII and division-II. As Jalpana Prince is the favourite, the places may be taken by Midnight Storm and Timbo from the lineup of nine. The remaining are Hassan's Champion, Candle, Fortuner, Last One, Another Attack and Merchant Of Venus.