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Afghan women protest for right to education

By News Desk
November 15, 2021
Afghan women protest for right to education

KABUL: Dozens of Afghan women took to the streets on Sunday to demand their right to learn and seek employment under the Islamic Emirate government.

Some protesters also criticized the international communities’ silence on Afghanistan, and urged the world and the Islamic Emirate to pay attention to the rights of women. “We can tolerate hunger, living without food, but we cannot tolerate injustice. We ask for freedom and justice in our own country,” said Malikzada, a protestor.

Following repeated gatherings by Afghan women since the Islamic Emirate came to power, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced earlier that demonstrations are not allowed unless the Ministry of Justice gives permission. Residents say the women can hold peaceful protests to ask for their rights, and the residents urged the Islamic Emirate to allow women and girls to be educated and to work outside the house. “Women are half of the society, they have rights, there should be opportunities for learning and working based on the customs and culture of Afghanistan,” said Abdul Qadir, a resident. Meanwhile, officials announced a commitment to soon resolve women’s problems, saying no one will face discrimination in the society. “The Islamic Emirate does not cause discriminatory treatment for any part of the society, the problems and issues existed, we promise to resolve the problems,” said Inamullah Samangani.