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Man surrenders to police after shooting wife dead in Azizabad

By Our Crime Reporter
November 08, 2021
Man surrenders to police after shooting wife dead in Azizabad

A man surrendered himself to the police after shooting his wife dead in the Azizabad area on Sunday. According to police, the incident took place at a house located near the Hussainabad area within the limits of the Azizabad police station.

After the man, Mushtaq, surrendered himself, police and rescue workers reached the property and transported the body to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medico-legal formalities. The woman was identified as 45-year-old Sabiha.

Police said the victim was shot dead by her husband Mushtaq who also produced his licensed pistol used in the murder. The victim’s children and neighbours told the police that the couple had had a dispute for a long time and they frequently clashed.

Police said the woman was shot dead when she told Mushtaq that she was leaving the house to stay with her sister. As soon as she went out of the resident, the man shot her in front of the building.

A case was registered against Mushtaq on the complaint of his son. Police said the suspect once ran a thread factory but it had to be closed following some crisis three years ago, and since then, he was unemployed.