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Dealers minting extra money from LPG consumers

By Our Correspondent
November 07, 2021

Rawalpindi: The consumers have demanded of the government to take strict action against those dealers who are selling liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at inflated rates for undue financial gains.

Kashif Mehmood, a resident of Satellite Town, said “The government has announced that per kg price of LPG is Rs218 but the dealers are selling it between Rs240 and Rs250 per kg. The consumers are already facing record pricehike and now they are paying extra money to the dealers.”

Asia Andleeb, a housewife, said “It is really hard to face the rising prices of LPG cylinder. I do not think most of the people will be able to afford LPG in ongoing winter season. The government makes announcements but on the other hand the common people are spending miserable life due to increasing pricehike.”

She said “It is also really shocking to see that the dealers are selling LPG at exorbitant prices, ignoring the prices set by the government.” The information shared by the consumers revealed that the price of an 11.8 kg LPG cylinder has climbed up to Rs3,000 as against Rs 2,560 announced by the government. There is no fixed price of LPG in various areas of Rawalpindi as the dealers are selling it at the rates fixed by them.

It is pertinent to mention here that the low gas pressure is a common problem in the winter season due to which the consumers use LPG cylinders and other alternatives to spend their routine life. But now the most of the consumers may not be able to use LPG due to its skyrocketing prices.

When this correspondent made contact with a local dealer he stated “The price of 11.8 kg LPG cylinder is Rs2,950 because they are getting it at higher prices. The government takes decisions and sets prices but there is no one to implement them.”