Wednesday October 20, 2021

Pakistan can be among Asia’s top four: former volleyball captain

October 11, 2021
Pakistan can be among Asia’s top four: former volleyball captain

KARACHI: Pakistan volleyball team former captain and professional player Naseer Ahmad on Sunday said if he is offered head coach responsibility of the national side, he is confident that in the next two to three years the team will be in the top four in Asia.

“Yes, I am ready to serve as head coach. I know there is a lot of potential in the team but what we need is a system. If I am given the chance to serve as head coach of the team, I am more than confident that Pakistan will be in the top four in Asia in the next two to three years,” Naseer told ‘The News’ in an interview.

Naseer has been a long-term captain of Pakistan and has vast experience of playing professional leagues across the world besides having done various coaching courses.

“Look, in the current national lot there are fifty percent such players who are young and can play for ten years for the country. They have good height and physique and I can say that our future is bright,” Naseer said.

However, he said that Pakistan Volleyball Federation (PVF) will have to give him a decent package as it was need of the day.

“I will definitely need a decent package. The issue is that foreign coaches are given 5000 dollars but homegrown coaches are not offered even 1000 dollars,” said Naseer.

Naseer is not in favour of hiring a foreign coach. “I will never support a foreign coach. The big issue is that there is a huge language gap between a foreign coach and the players. Our players mostly are unable to understand what the coach says to them. This is a big issue,” Naseer said.

“I have seen while playing leagues across the world that there is a system of recruitment of coaches. If we also bring a homegrown coach through a proper system and then ask him to pick his own support staff then he will certainly deliver. Pakistan has some good former players and coaches who have been serving at various levels and can also act as Pakistan coaches,” Naseer said.

About preparation of the team for the Asian Games, Naseer said an ambitious plan is needed for preparing a lot for such a major event.

“It depends on how you plan training camps and matches. If you plan according to the needs of your stuff at hand then certainly you will get the desired outcome,” Naseer said.

“There are various things which should be kept under consideration. Your senior players don’t need to be taught skills; they only need to better their fitness. You can only teach skills to the youngsters or Under-19 and Under-23 players in the side,” Naseer said.

Naseer said Pakistan team players' fitness was not up to the mark for the Asian Championship which was held in Japan last month.