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Opposition demands Parliament session over talks with TTP

By News Desk
October 03, 2021
Opposition demands Parliament session over talks with TTP

ISLAMABAD: Responding to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement regarding talks with banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the opposition demanded immediate Parliament session.

PMLN senator Irfan Siddiqui said that keeping secret the talks of government with TTP is not appropriate because this is very sensitive national issue. “Negotiations in the Nawaz Sharif tenure were approved by Parliament,” he added.

He said that former premier Nawaz Sharif himself had visited Imran Khan’s house and briefed him about the details of the talks.

“Negotiations and general apology for the TTP without taking the nation and Parliament into confidence raised many questions.

This is a sensitive national issue and keeping secret this matter is highly inappropriate,” he maintained.

Bukhari said that such steps will create a negative image of the country at the international level. Prime Minister should inform Parliament about the ongoing talks with the TTP in Afghanistan,” he said. He also demanded that government should immediately convene a meeting of Parliament and take it into confidence regarding the talks.

PPP leader Shazia Marri said the prime minister has also stated that he would pardon the TTP in case of surrender, as she condemned such a big step without taking Parliament into confidence. “What basis and on what terms are negotiations being held with the Taliban,” she asked.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his government was holding disarmament talks with some factions of the proscribed TTP.

In an exclusive interview with TRT World, he said that the Afghan Taliban were assisting the negotiations, however, nothing could be said on the success of the talks at this time.

“I think some Taliban factions want to talk to the government for peace and reconciliation and we are in contact with some of these factions,” Imran Khan said.