Sunday October 24, 2021

Sessi has given jobs to offspring of 126 of its deceased employees: Ghani

September 26, 2021

The Sindh Employees’ Social Security Institution (Sessi) has so far recruited 126 people whose parents were Sessi employees who died during the service.

This was disclosed on Friday by Sindh Information and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani, who is also the chairman of the Sessi governing body, as he attended a ceremony at the Sessi head office.

The ceremony was organised to distribute appointment letters among 53 of such 126 persons to honour the services of their deceased parents.

The labour minister said that these jobs were being given in accordance with the manifesto of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

He added that the Sindh government had launched the Benazir Mazdoor Card (BMC) scheme in order to enrol the labourers in the province who had not been registered with Sessi to bring them under the social security cover.

The BMC would ensure quality health and education services to the children of the beneficiary labourers, Ghani said.

He also expressed gratitude to the Sessi wing of the Peoples Labour Bureau for making efforts so that the children of the deceased employees of the social security institution could get jobs.

He said that his basic identity was that of a labour unionist and being the labour minister of the province, he had never faced any difficulty in understanding the problems of labourers.

Ghani lamented the general impression prevailing in the country that people associated with the labour unions did not perform their duties. He said it was high time that this perception should be nullified.

He hoped that the Sessi employees, especially the new entrants, would work hard to negate such impression.

He also hoped that the SESSI employees associated with the labour unions would do hard work to show that they stood fully committed to the development of their institution.

The labour minister said that strengthening of Sessi and the best utilisation of its resources would directly benefit the labourers in the province.

He remarked that the members of the Sessi governing body who represented the employers and employees in the province were committed people who were always available for the welfare of the workers in Sindh.

“You are under the obligation to diligently perform your duties if you want to get the support of your governing body, your minister, your government and the party leadership,” Ghani told the Sessi employees.

He said no other province of Pakistan and many other countries in the world had yet to launch a labour card scheme like the BMC to end the hardships of the labourers and ensure that the future generations of the workers got high-quality education.

So far 600,000 labourers of Sindh were registered with Sessi but the actual number of workers in the province was much higher, Ghani said.

He stated that the system of BMC would also enrol the self-employed workers who were not formally employed by any organisation or factory such rickshaw and taxi drivers, and pushcart vendors.

He said it was the government’s desire that only bona fide labourers were provided with the BMCs for extending the best education and health services to their family members.