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RTI Act: Punjab CM office refuses to reveal expenses, rules

By Asif Mehmood
September 23, 2021

LAHORE: The CM Secretariat, under the Right to Information Act, has refused to reveal details about petrol expenses of vehicles used by the chief minister and logbooks and funds issued by the Finance Department.

According to documents received by daily Jang, an RTI application submitted by advocate Abdullah Malik asked 15 questions. The questions were about the brands and models of under-use vehicles, use of petrol as per the law, logbooks of the vehicles, discretionary powers of the CM, funds for the CM House, comparison between expenditures of the former CM and the incumbent CM, total expenditures of the CM House and letters written to the Finance Department for acquisition of more funds. To all these questions, the CM Secretariat only revealed that till December 31, 2020, funds worth 348,920,000 were used. The secretariat refused to divulge the details after terming most of the questions vague.