Thursday October 21, 2021

Land disputes claim four lives in Larkana and Shikarpur

September 22, 2021

SUKKUR: Land dispute claimed lives of four people including a man and his son, in two different incidents in Larkana and Shikarpur. Unidentified armed men on a motorcycle opened fire at two motorcyclists, including Khan Muhammad and his son identified as Tajul Lolai, killing them both on the spot at Ratedero Link Road in Larkana. While three others, including Meer Muhammad, Jaffar Lolai and a woman Sabhai were injured. Sabhai later died at the hospital. The police described the incident a result of ongoing clash between two groups of the Lolai clan over possession of land.

In another incident of similar nature, some unidentified assailants fired at two motorcyclists on Pir Musafir Road near Dakaan in Shikarpur, in which Sono Khan Jakhrani was killed and Murad Jakhrani was injured. The police said the injured victim said killers were members of their community with whom they have a dispute.