Friday October 22, 2021

Aviary to be established in Kidney Hill Park, says Wahab

September 19, 2021

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Administrator Murtaza Wahab has announced that an aviary will be established at the Kidney Hill Park, which is being currently transformed into an urban forest.

According to a statement issued on Saturday, Wahab visited the park and went to its highest point which is also the highest point of Karachi known as the city’s Jabal-e-Tariq (the rock of Gibraltar).

Wahab, who also serves as the spokesman for the Sindh government, lauded efforts being made by the KMC parks and horticulture department to transform the Kidney Hill Park into an urban forest.

He appreciated the fact that the latest instances of monsoon rains had helped efforts of the KMC to transform the hilly place into a green zone.

Announcing that an aviary would be established at the park, Wahab said the aviary would accommodate local bird species of Sindh and it would serve as an excellent recreational facility in District East of Karachi.

He said the Sindh government had been doing its best to make sure that the residents of Karachi had excellent recreational facilities.

Recently, Principal Secretary to Sindh Governor Dr Syed Saifur Rehman addressed the 18th Annual Environment Conference and shared with the audience the success story of transforming the Kidney Hall Park into an urban forest during his stint as the KMC municipal commissioner in the recent past. He informed the conference that the KMC had spent its own resources to grow trees on the hilly area and no grant had been availed from the Sindh government for the purpose.

He said that around 150,000 fruit and other indigenous trees had been planted on 62 acres of the park so that it could serve as an oxygen tank for the city.

He said the project had brought revolutionary improvement in restoring the natural ecosystem and flora and fauna of the city.

He explained that the hilly area in Dhoraji Colony had earlier been filled with industrial and municipal waste and dozens of dumper trucks had to be deployed to clear the site for massive plantation.