Saturday September 18, 2021

Volleyball team trip to Tokyo cost Pakistan Rs12m

September 15, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Volleyball team tour to Japan for the Asia Cup cost Pakistan Rs12 million out of which Rs3.5 million were paid by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

‘The News’ has learned from well-placed sources that things turned out almost unmanageable for the touring squad as they were not getting any flights to fly them to Tokyo.

Ethiopia Airlines then came to their rescue as the team took over three days to reach the ultimate destination, flying out to Dubai- from Dubai to Addis Ababa then to Seoul (Korea) and then to Tokyo.

The air fare alone cost Rs6.5 million for a 20-member contingent. The federation has to pay $ 38,000 for the squad’s boarding and lodging at an international hotel in the China City outskirts of Tokyo. Teams cannot stay at any other hotels except the one designated for the purpose.

The $38000 amount is far less than the original prize as the organisers managed rooms at concessional rates for the visiting team. However, the team has to pay full fare for the last two days as the Ethiopia Airlines will fly by that time to take the team back home.

The federation in fact Ch Mohammad Yaqoob managed almost Rs8.5 million through help and sponsorship to make sure that one of the top Asian teams competes in the event.