Sunday October 17, 2021

Plea against Walton Airport land sale dismissed

September 09, 2021
Plea against Walton Airport land sale dismissed

LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) Justice Jawad Hassan has issued a written decision on hearing a miscellaneous petition against auction for sale of commercial plots on the Walton Airport land.

The court dismissed the petition against the auction. “If the steps taken for investment are affected, the intervention of such steps may hinder the opportunities created by the government for business activities in Lahore,” the judge observed in an eight-page order.

The judge further observed that the government has planned reducing poverty and promoting business in Pakistan through the Lahore Central Business Authority. The written decision of the court further said that under Article 199 of the Constitution, how can the petitioner seek information from any authority and the court intervene under Article 199 of the Constitution.

The court rejected the petition for immediate suspension of auction of commercial plots at the Walton Airport. Citizen Mohammad Azam had filed the petition through Advocate Waqar A Sheikh. The petitioner had pleaded that he purchased some plots but he had reservations about the ownership of the plots because some property dealers wanted to grab the national heritage land. He had requested the court to stop the auction of plots.